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Best Minimalist Kitchen Essentials List for New Home

The most extraordinary things in life are always simple as simple things work the best and last the longest. This is specifically true when it comes to the stuff related to the kitchen, such as cooking. While some people choose to cook meals that can be cooked quickly and easily and do not require several tools and ingredients, others, on the other hand, love spending hours trying new things and preparing a gourmet meal.

However, minimalism is not about the things you own. It is more about finding serenity in preserving less and only buying the must-have kitchen items. However, this applies not only to minimalist kitchen essentials but to all other things, such as the wardrobe you wear, the decor in your bedroom, the showpieces at your home, etc.

The most important part of any house is the kitchen. It is a comforting space for people who love cooking and trying new things. As a result, they search for essentials to ensure that their kitchen outshines and makes it look enticing by adding artistic components.

So, are you planning to recreate your kitchen from zero? Or have you moved into a new place and are looking for kitchen essentials list equipment? If yes, then one thing you need to note is that purchasing equipment that you don’t need on a daily basis is not recommended.

It’s time to take stock, decide what you need for daily usage and what is not important, and make a minimalist kitchen essentials list accordingly. Furthermore, all the decisions have a cumulative effect that could influence how you cook meals and entertain someday.

Minimal Kitchen Design Rules

Before you decide to make a list of kitchen essentials for your new home, here are a few minimal kitchen design rules that you must know:

  • Focus on smart buying instead of bulk buying
  • Ensure purchasing quality appliances rather than buying cheap ones.
  • Never buy an item that is not a necessity in the kitchen
  • Avoid making a purchase of plastic and splurge

Must-Have Kitchen Items For New Home

The most important thing you need when you move to a new home is a kitchen, well, not an empty one. But, A kitchen with a supply of essential kitchen tools. Therefore, when you prepare for moving to a new place, kitchen essentials are the one thing that you need to prioritize so that you don’t have to rely on neighbors or cafes to get food while you settle in. I you are wondering how to do it, here is a list of all the must-have kitchen items you must purchase:

8 Inches Diameter Acacia Plate – Snack Dish

The 8 inches acacia snack dish is necessary for any kitchenware collection. Each set is brown and has been created from compact acacia wood possessing a round silhouette. Moreover, the acacia snack dish is specially made for party settings and festivals.

In addition, its 8-inch size makes it suitable for serving foods that can conveniently be eaten with fingers, cheese platters, small dinners, and starters. Also, this attractive acacia spherical plate is idyllic for everyday use and entertaining at that special parties.

From entirely eco-friendly to being safe for dishwashers, the 8 inches acacia snack dish has several benefits that are a must-have for your kitchen.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Rolling Pin -Small Kitchen Appliances

An adjustable stainless steel rolling pin is one of the best baking tools for rolling cookies, dough for pies and pizzas, and measuring precise dimensions. It is 17-inch-long and is equipped with four clip-on rings that are:

0.4 Inches (10.16 mm)

0.23 Inches (5.84 mm)

0.1 Inches (2.54 mm)

0.08 Inches (2.03 mm)

The size adjustment allows you to modify the height and width of the dough rolls for pies and pizzas. In addition, all four detachable clip-on rings are labeled and colored to ensure that identifying the measurement of the dough for pastries and pieces of bread is simple.

Moreover, you can wash the pin made of stainless steel with dish soap and water. You can place it in the dishwasher to clean it. On the other hand, avoiding putting the detachable stainless steel rings in the dishwasher is endorsed.

Amari Bowls (Set Of 3) – Bowl Set

The minimalistic kitchen essentials Amari Bowls set can go with everything within your kitchen space, as there is by no means enough storage. Each Amari bowl is woven on a loom operated manually by our fair trade craftsperson.

In addition, the glossy Amari Bowls fit impeccably with whatever you like in your home. They are hand-made from 100% long, soft, shiny bast fiber and are exceptional for washing, plants, toys, etc. As a result, they provide a rustic vibe to your house. Furthermore, the Amari Bowls are available in three different sizes, including:

  • Large Amari Bowls –25 Inches Tall & 9.5 Inches Round
  • Medium Amari Bowls 5 Inches Tall & 8 Inches Round
  • Small Amari Bowls 75 Inches Tall & 6.25 Inches Round

In addition, Amari Bowls can be helpful in the living room for storing periodicals, books, Digital Video Discs, and other entertainment provisions placed underneath the furniture.

Acecamp Stainless Steel – Small Bbq Grill

The acecamp stainless steel is one of the must have kitchen items for easy-going activists. They can be helpful in camping, bike excursions, festivals, hiking, and other outdoor quests.

In addition, it is a transportable grille that can easily be taken for canoe outings, events, or even fishing because of its compact pack size. The weight of the acecamp stainless steel barbecue grill is around 1.42 kg and the measurements are:

  • Length –5 cm (13.58 Inches)
  • Width – 23 cm (9.06 Inches)
  • Height –5 cm (6.50 Inches)

The acecamp stainless steel is a necessary kitchen tool to prepare delicious meals for individuals who spend more time camping or traveling.

 Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

First invented in 1919, the idea behind manufacturing kitchen aid stand mixers was to ease the use in the kitchen. From whipping boiled potatoes, butter, cream, and eggs to processing food like grinding cheese, meat, and breadcrumbs, a kitchen aid stand mixer have several uses in your kitchen.

In addition, it is versatile, powerful, easy to use, and will simplify your cooking or baking needs.

A Quality Set Of Knives

A good set of knives is one of the most essential kitchen tools for any kitchenette. From chopping vegetables to mincing garlic, peeling fruit and vegetables to slicing meat, knives are necessary for just about everything. However, regarding the set of knives, it is more important to choose quality knives over quantity of knives.

On the other hand, purchasing a set of knives with sharp edges is recommended to ensure that you can have more control and less slippage. As a result, you will have more consistent slices that can help with the food presentation, evenly cook things, and make the kitchen safer.

Ceramic Serving Bowl With Spoon

The Ceramic Serving Bowl is the crown accessory of a kitchen collection. This is due to the fact that ceramics are known to be the healthiest material. The fabulous ceramic serving bowl with spoon is versatile, heat-resistant, and super thick, so it will not heat as steel or a plastic bowl.

Furthermore, clay and ceramic materials are best for serving and storing products made of dairy, as ceramic pots keep dairy items safe from germs. Also, ceramic preserves its gleam and entails very little maintenance. However, ceramics are available in four types of tableware:

  • Drinkware
  • Serveware
  • Cutleryware
  • Dinnerware

Electric Tea Kettle

An Electric Tea Kettle is one of the must-have kitchen items. It is the most efficient transportable apparatus for boiling eggs, making tea, boiling water, heating milk, and more. On the other hand, an electric tea kettle is one of the most underestimated minimalist kitchen essentials.

Electric tea kettles are a modest and effective way to heat up water for coffee and tea. From cooking rice to heating milk, cooking ready-to-eat meals to making tea, it provides hot water for a plethora of things. The electric tea kettle is also safer than stove tops and saves electricity, so they are light on pockets.

Electric kettles come with plenty of advantages and are found in most homes today. Moreover, the electric tea kettle saves time, makes your work easy, and keeps you secure from mishaps.

The Final Word

Whether you are looking to rebuild the kitchen or move to a new place, the kitchen essentials list equipment mentioned above will help you to ensure that your kitchen is outshining. In addition, you must save effort and money in the end and invest in top-quality equipment that lasts long instead of looking for less expensive things that may wear out soon.


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