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Indoor Mosquito Repellent Devices Do They Work

Having to deal with bug bites in the middle of the night is the most unpleasant thing about summer. Mosquitos are a major cause of annoyance and irritation in every section of the world. According to several statistics, mosquito bites affect thousands of people. As a result, they are infected with diseases like malaria and dengue.

Last year 2,140,112 dengue cases were reported, and the number is expected to rise magnificently this year. This thing has taken a dark toll on humanity. It has affected people terribly. In such a situation, when mosquitoes are causing such disruptive fatalities, the invention that saves us from the wrath of these creatures is a mosquito-repellent device. This blog will list more about these repellent devices and which ones you can get at affordable rates.

How Does Indoor Mosquito Repellent Work?

Indoor mosquito repellent devices work by centrally heating up mosquito-repelling fluids electrically. As a result, it creates fumes that are permeated the air. Moreover, the mosquito killer lamps release gasses once it is connected to the electronic socket. It involves two major fragments, including:

  • The Central Warming Assembly
  • The Flask Covering The Mosquito Repellent Liquid

When you connect it to an electrical socket, the central warming assembly heats up the flask and the subsequent smoke produces a fence that makes mosquitoes and parasites helpless and destroys them efficiently.

The fumes will move all across the room in each corner and instantly target all the hidden mosquitoes and kill them. As a result, you will find the mosquitos dead or dazed the next day. Consequently, your night can be saved from the continuous threat of mosquito bites.

Do Mosquito Repellent Actually Work?

Mosquito repellents are chemicals used to keep away or kill mosquitoes and flies. These chemical-based devices help us from diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Now, if you are pondering the thought if these devices are functional? Let’s dive into that section as well.

Mosquitoes attract the natural skin fragrance and look for a suitable host using several movements and visual indications. Repellents affect the senses of these creatures and play with their smell preventing them from finding a host.

The Effectiveness Of Mosquito Repellent

The potency of repellents can differ and vary from one another. Higher concentration repellents may provide longer protection. However, they are not more effective at repelling insects. Repellents with less than 12% active component may only provide temporary protection for just an hour.

Sometimes, sweat, water contact, and rubbing can reduce a repellent’s effectiveness. So ensure to read the label of the repellent before buying one because these days, every other company consistently says that they are providing the best repellents.

Best Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito-repellent devices are in high demand these days because dengue is at its peak, and no one wants to get affected by it. Other than that, these killer creatures’ constant buzzing and bites are pretty annoying.

To save themselves from these irritating situations, people get these mosquito repellent devices, which gets more frustrating when they won’t even work. That’s why you need to be highly considerate when getting mosquito repellent. To help you further, we are listing down the best mosquito repellents in the market that are not just odorless but make your nights pleasant without mosquitoes.

Ultrasonic Insecticide


If you are looking for something that would look like a showpiece and you can place it on your desk to add a new look to your place, this will be the perfect purchase.

This ultrasonic insecticide has a sleek and fancy design and a compelling structure that complements all kinds of furniture.

It is a very high-end mosquito repellent that will keep all the mosquitoes away from your house. In addition, it works exceptionally well on other kinds of bugs, flies, and insects too.

The best feature about this ultrasonic insect repellent is that it doesn’t emit any kind of bad odor, works invisibly, and takes down all the mosquitoes like magic.

Top Features

  • It offers a UV-based lamp of 365-nanometer wavelength.
  • It features a built-in fan that is based on rotatory suction.
  • This mosquito repellent is highly convenient and easy to use.
  • It has a powerful battery that lasts for a day once fully charged.


Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp


A product that is viable for dual purposes is always loved immensely by customers. If they get one product that can function for two devices, they won’t let go of the chance of availing of this benefit.

Now think about getting a mosquito and bug repellent that can function as a bulb too. Won’t you be amazed and want to get it immediately? You will, cause it is something that you cant pass.

And that is not just it; to top it up, it has a brilliant design that can be placed as a decorative accessory in your house. Place it anywhere; it will shine out brightly and kill the mosquitoes.

Easily get rid of mosquitoes with advanced mosquito-repellent devices that operate electrically and function smoothly.

Top Features

  • It is built in with a robust 5V 400 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • It is power-saving and has a fast charging utility.
  • This device has a high-power UV light.
  • The fragrance that this repellent omits is just so alluring.


5W Rechargeable Mosquito Lamp


This rechargeable mosquito lamp is not just convenient and easy to store, but it has a very decent look. It literally looks like a Bluetooth speaker that functions robustly.

It is based on innovative technology and uses the latest approach to design something so robust that it will be the end of all the bugs and annoying mosquitoes in your house.

This repellent is an electric model that uses a unique liquid to cater to your mosquito problem. The liquid spray it omits is sweet and fruity, unlike other repellents.

Be it the dining area in your kitchen, the side table in your room, or the mini table in your study or office. Place it in any corner of your house and say goodbye to these pathetic creatures.

Top Features

  • It is small and easy to store anywhere in the house.
  • It has high rechargeability, which makes it pretty economical.
  • You can charge it with any electrical amenity like power adapters, laptops, power banks, etc.
  • It offers a 360-degree opening, covering a wide region..


Bug Zapper Mosquito Repellent

Nights can get pretty disastrous, with mosquitoes buzzing all over your head. Whether you go in the garden or are relaxing in your room, these blood-sucking creatures always find a way to you.

However, a bug zapper, a mosquito repellent device, not only closes the door of entry for mosquitoes but will keep the effect for 22 hours.

With this innovative device, all of your mosquito problems are put to rest once and for all. And to top that up, it has a very distinctive and appealing design.

Due to its compactness, lightweight, and easy-to-handle design, you can place it anywhere in the house and it will help your home get mosquito and bug-free.

Top Features

  • It uses technology that is not dangerous for kids.
  • People utilize a sweet-scented liquid to repel mosquitoes.
  • It has a wide reach of a 34” radius and doesn’t allow mosquitoes in that proximity.
  • A glowing rod type of bulb is equipped in it, which also acts as a bug trapper.

Mosquito And Flying Insect Trap

Back in the old days, people used different types of lamps. It was a mini, compact version and could be taken anywhere easily, spreading its bright light vividly.

Now, imagine getting something antique that would give light and fight insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. Anyone will immediately purchase such a thing.

The mosquito flying insect trap is a similar product. Moreover, it has a lamp-style design and impactfully kills insects and mosquitoes.

It is built for all types of houses and weather conditions and has a safety lid at the top that doesn’t affect productivity in the rainy or stormy season. It is a purchase you won’t regret.

Top Features

  • It guarantees protection and ensures human safety.
  • With advanced technology, UV light and titanium oxide-coated tube can kill mosquitoes.
  • It offers protection up to 4-6 feet above the ground.
  • This innovative device also uses a fan that traps these creatures as well.


Modern problems require modern solutions in these advanced times where everything has gotten advanced. Since, new diseases are waiting to take us down, we must stay safe and take as many precautions as possible. It is because none of us want to get stuck in such a situation.

Similarly, dengue and malaria are also on the loose, and dengue is developing into a dreadful disease. So, ensure that your home is free from those weird and deadly creatures that are so tiny but can cost you your life.

The only way to save yourself from mosquitoes is by installing mosquito-repellent devices in your house. Put them in several corners so that no mosquito can hide. It will eliminate the probability of spreading any mosquito-causing diseases. Also, you can have peaceful nights with no buzz and bites.

So, why the wait? Get any of these listed mosquito-repellent devices from Swan Enchanting Home Solutions and live fearlessly!

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