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Intelligent Neck Massager – Wireless Massager Gadget


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Do you have a stiff neck? You must unwind.
Anytime you desire, get much-needed relief without the assistance of a partner or a professional. The Intelligent Neck Massager welcomes you with on-demand, soothing kneading and rolling. designed for anyone who needs to relax their sore neck muscles after a long day of arduous computer or phone use, strenuous gardening labour, or hours of head-down phone use.
Reduce Your Stress
Triple modes. 15 settings for strength.
Calming Mode
Excellent for stiff or injured necks.
Energy Mode
Adequate for spinal discomfort.
Smart Setting
Use a combination of techniques to unwind each day.
Exceptional design and performance
The massage nodes on our device are made of 304 stainless steel and have 360-degree floating suspension for a flexible but concentrated massage. The massager’s ergonomic U-shape design (which resembles headphones) and soft silicone internal balloon cushioning for softness and support are also elements of the design. Experience a reliable massage tool that won’t move or shift like older, less ergonomic gadgets.
Heat treatment built-in
With a heat function, you may extend your comfort for aching and fatigued muscles. It warms up to 120°F in just three seconds. It helps to increase blood circulation similarly to wrapping a hot cloth over your neck.
The pulse starts to beat.
The Intelligent Neck Massager simulates three different massage settings using low-frequency TENS pulse technology. Other neck massagers that use balls do not offer the targeted relief that the device’s stainless-steel nodes do.
Daily for 15 minutes
All it takes is one session to feel less tight in the neck and lighter overall. Take a moment to unwind at lunch or your midday break for some easy stress relief.
In a single click, relief
For fast pleasure and relaxation wherever (and whenever) you need it, our massager has a one-click power-up function on the headset. You may choose between modes and settings with the help of the provided controller.
USB-based charging
A built-in 450 mAh battery can last up to 30 days of daily 15-minute sessions after fully charging in two hours. You can charge your device with anything, from a wall charger to a portable battery bank, thanks to the provided USB charging cord (or even your laptop). It is practical and simple.
Calmness of mind
Rest easy and completely. You won’t feel uncomfortable wearing our 5.9 x 5.9 inch Intelligent Neck Massager. With its heat setting, it is developed with leak-proof technology to prevent burning, and an auto-shut off feature shuts the gadget off instantly after a treatment interval is finished.
Attention users
However, not everyone is a good candidate for this technology. It employs electrical-impulse treatment, which is unsafe for pregnant women, those who are currently using a pacemaker, or people who have metal implants in their bodies. If you have any questions about the safety or suitability of this device for your existing medical circumstances, please contact a doctor or medical professional.

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